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Our Projects

Ayn Rand Center has set a goal to reach out to the young generation that hasn't yet discovered Ayn Rand writings and publications. We hold on annual nationwide essay contest for students in high schools and support student groups looking to deepen their familiarity and understanding of the philosophy of Ayn Rand. We also offer moral support for the defense of Israel through a cooperation with Sderot Media Center and operate the world's first initiative to translate Ayn Rand's writings into Arabic in collaboration with our colleagues from Arab countries.

The Ayn Rand Ayn Rand annual Atlas Award 

2019 marks the fourth year in which the Israeli Atlas Award event will be held in cooperation with the Ayn Rand Center, TheMarker and other leading partners such as the IVC, OVF and  Karyopharm Therapeutics. The prize will be granted to the Israeli start-up company which who either created a new technology, idea or product of exceptional value in Israel and worldwide.

The Ayn Rand Center Scholarships

Starting 2015, Within the framework of this new program, tuition scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students in the Department of Literature who choose to write degree dissertations with academic guidance on topics connected to the literary works of Ayn Rand.

The Anual Israeli Freedom Confrence

Starting 2014, ARCI is celebrating the year’s achievements towards greater individual rights and freer markets in Israel with The Israel Freedom Movement, along with Students’ groups from around the country. Panels and discussions. 

Essay Competition

Starting 2012, Ayn Rand Center Israel is holding a Hebrew language essay contest on the book "The Fountainhead". The competition is open to students in grades 11th and 12th Graders and offers prizes worth thousands of dollars to the winners.

Translating Ayn Rand to Hebrew and Arabic

ARCI conducting a translation progect to Hebrew and Arabic

Student Clubs and Public Events

ARCI supports student clubs seeking to promote individual and economical freedom in Israel.

Sderot Media Center
​​Sderot Media Center coordinates youth and adult activities and familiarizes thousands of residents and visitors from all over the world with the reality of the residents of Sderot. We help the Sderot Media Center by providing information, materials and a philosophical and moral defense to Israel for those who seek to morally compare Israel and its enemies.

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